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Corona Aid in FC and how KfW implements it


  • Mens in front of a photovolta

    2020-08-07 | Europe

    A green response to Corona

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  • Picture of Solange Lago

    2020-08-03 | Côte d'Ivoire

    Education about Corona

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  • Nurses at the reception

    2020-07-27 | Iraq

    KfW Development Bank supports construction of four hospitals in Iraq

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  • Ambassadors with a red car

    2020-07-20 | India

    KfW finances corona tests for India

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Many developing and emerging economy countries are particularly vulnerable in the Covid 19 pandemic. Sanitary conditions are poor in many places, and health systems are mostly underfunded and insufficiently equipped to treat the seriously ill in large numbers. Output restrictions and rising infection rates are hitting companies, small businesses and workers with full force - while governments lack the scope of action to compensate for the losses through government measures. It is to be feared that the poor and poorest countries in particular will be hit hard by the human and economic consequences of the crisis.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has designed an emergency programme to provide assistance in this situation. The EU Commission has also initiated extensive support measures. KfW stands ready to make its contribution to the implementation of these programmes. It is important to provide financial resources quickly and on a large scale: to strengthen the health sector and for food security, but also for the financial sector, for small and medium-sized enterprises, and for the socio-economic stabilisation of states in general.

With its network of offices and partners in around 70 countries KfW is close to the people and the challenges. Our own work - and that of each of our employees - is also affected by the restrictions of everyday life. In our series we report first-hand about the situation on the ground. Thanks to our local presence and our long-standing relationships, however, we are in a position to continue our global commitment with a focus on the crisis. Global solidarity is currently more needed than ever - and KfW does not leave its partners alone.

KfW’s involvement in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Emergency COVID-19 Support Programme

Interview with Marc Engelhardt, Head of the Task Force of KfW Development Bank

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Project Management in times of Covid-19

Creator: KfW Bankengruppe/Tuppeck-Gehlhar

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Reports from our external offices

In this section staff members from KfW's external offices report on the situation in the respective countries. They give an overview of the status of infections and the various measures taken by the governments there. They also provide an assessment of the impact on the affected country and describe their personal experiences.

Reports from KfW’s external offices

Update Rwanda: Green City Kigali - better times will come

Report from our office in Kigali

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Honduras: COVID19 in one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change

Report from our office in Tegucigalpa

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Mexico: On paper, the extent of the pandemic seems manageable

Report from our office in Mexico City

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Burkina Faso: Twelve intensive care beds for about 20 million inhabitants

Report from our office in Ouagadougou

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South Africa: Contract handover in the supermarket

Report from our office in Pretoria

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Georgia: Collapse of international tourism hits the Caucasus republic hard

Report from our office in Tbilisi

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Benin: Expansion of its water supply despite the corona crisis

Report from our office in Cotonou

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Ghana: Coronavirus - the unseen enemy

Report from our office in Accra

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Kongo: Corona will be worse than Ebola

Report from our office in Kinshasa

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Jordan: The toughest lockdown in the world

Report from our office in Amman

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India: Day labourers are threatened by ruin

Report from our office in New Delhi

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Bangladesh: The textile sector accounts for more than 80 percent of all exports

Report from our office in Dhaka

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Columbia: Aid programmes for the people, special loans for the economy

Report from our office in Bogotá

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