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The Corona situation in our external offices

The Corona pandemic poses a major challenge to the world. KfW Development Bank is also increasingly facing this challenge, as the human and economic consequences of the pandemic for developing and emerging economy countries are not yet foreseeable. At this point staff members from KfW's external offices report on the situation in their respective countries. They give an overview of the status of the infections and the various measures taken by the governments. They also provide an assessment of the impact on the affected country and describe their personal experiences.

ESHS Information related to COVID-19

Reports from KfW’s external offices

Columbia: Aid programmes for the people, special loans for the economy

Report from our office in Bogotá

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Bangladesh: The textile sector accounts for more than 80 percent of all exports

Report from our office in Dhaka

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Burkina Faso: Twelve intensive care beds for about 20 million inhabitants

Report from our office in Ouagadougou

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India: Day labourers are threatened by ruin

Report from our office in New Delhi

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Jordan: The toughest lockdown in the world

Report from our office in Amman

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Kongo: Corona will be worse than Ebola

Report from our office in Kinshasa

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Ghana: Coronavirus - the unseen enemy

Report from our office in Accra

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Rwanda: COVID-19 in the land of a thousand hills

Report from our office in Kigali

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Benin: Expansion of its water supply despite the corona crisis

Report from our office in Cotonou

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Georgia: The collapse of international tourism hits the Caucasus republic hard

Report from our office in Tbilisi

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