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Development in a highly fragile country

Map of Somalia with capital city Mogadischu and Boosaaso, as well as neighboring countries

Located at the tip of the horn of Africa, Somalia has been marked by decades of conflict and natural disasters. Poverty and ongoing violence shape many areas of day-to-day life for the country’s nearly 16 million people. According to estimates, six million people there rely on humanitarian aid and many Somalis have been forced to leave their home regions. Unemployment among the predominantly young population is widespread. Despite a keen sense of entrepreneurship, there is often a lack of economic prospects. And those who live off agriculture and cattle farming see their livelihood at risk from frequent droughts and flooding. Working on behalf of the German Federal Government, KfW promotes programmes in Somalia that support the transition from humanitarian aid to development and peace. The aim of these programmes is to strengthen the resilience of the people, increase economic potential, and open up prospects for the future.


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