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Polio Control Programme, Phase II


The objectives at outcome level were to consistently immunise all children under the age of five against poliomyelitis and to deploy an effective surveillance and monitoring system. This was to achieve the interruption of polio transmission in Afghanistan by 2018 as part of worldwide efforts to eradicate the poliovirus (impact level). The National Emergency Action Plan was key to the design of the project. Operating on behalf of Afghanistan’s health ministry, WHO and UNICEF were responsible for preparing and implementing the polio vaccination campaigns, including supplementary measures.

Overall rating: 3

Is based on:

Relevance: 2
Effectiveness: 2
Efficiency: 2
Impact: 3
Sustainability: 3

Evaluation criteria & rating scale


Sector:Health & Population
Budget funds : 20.000.000 €
Total funds :20.000.000 €
Year of project completion:

Notes on the methods

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