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Afghanistan: Project: Contribution to "Second Education Quality Improvement Programme" (EQUIP II) as part of the ARTF, tranche VIII


The Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), a multilateral trust fund administered by the World Bank, is used to fund running costs and priority investments by the Government of Afghanistan. The FC funds evaluated here were deployed by the ARTF in five tranches to co-fund the "Second Education Quality Improvement Programme" (EQUIP II). Following a third extension, EQUIP II's term ran from 2009 to 2017, and was designed to improve basic education in the country as well as, in particular, gender equality. The project was implemented on a national scale by Afghanistan's Ministry of Education. EQUIP II consisted of three components: 1) Grants for school renovations, construction and equipment; 2) Training and advancement for teachers and head teachers, and 3) Reinforcement of the Ministry of Education's management, monitoring and evaluation skills.

Overall rating: 3

Is based on:

Relevance: 2
Effectiveness: 3
Efficiency: 4
Impact: 3
Sustainability: 3

Evaluation criteria & rating scale


Budget funds : 20.000.000 €
Total funds :20.000.000 €
Year of project completion:

Notes on the methods

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